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Impact and

​We believe that the regeneration of the world is possible and we live for it.

We create solutions with environmental and social impact for humanity to build a healthier world.

We are everywhere, we build for those who care.

DeTrash is a startup that was born with the purpose of environmental and social regeneration. With more than two decades of successful experiences in sustainability, economics and technology, our team works together with organizations and individuals to develop sustainability and social impact solutions that meet the needs of the world, their communities and themselves.

DeTrash is your solution partner to become more sustainable and expand your social impact through consultancy solutions and technological products.

Let's create an ESG positive world together.

Our Solutions

DeTrash's first focus is on building solutions for waste sustainability and circularity at global scale.

RECY app logo round mask.png

An easy-to-use app to give you a clear and intuitive view of your waste footprint or sustainable waste treatment operation.

RECY token logo (1920 × 1980 px) (6).png

A high-quality digital asset that is issued from audited sustainable waste treatment reports. cRECY is the digital asset that accelerates the cleaning of the world.

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Recy Environmental and Social Impact Certificate

A high-standard ESG certificate that drives sustainable waste treatment around the world while making holders adopt a smart store of value strategy.

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